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This article contains spoilers about The Ranger's Apprentice Series.

Deparnieux was the Gallic warlord of the castle Chateau Montsombre.

Appearance Edit

Deparnieux was a tall, well built man. He had a black beard and hair, and heavy eyebrows. He had an ominous look. His eyes were cold.

Armor/Accessories Edit

Deparnieux wore a chainmail suit, covered by a black surcoat with a white raven insignia, which marked him as a knight.. The hilt of his sword was worked with gold wire, it's pommel made of the same metal. He wore high, soft leather boots, which marked him as a mounted warrior. He owned a black battlehorse.

While he wore his disguise, he was dressed in a muddy, tattered surcoat, which once may have been yellow. His armor was patched, and his lance was a badly trimmed sapling. His shield was inscribed with a boar head.

The Icebound Land Edit

Deparnieux entered the tavern at a Gallic tavern as Horace was listening to music. Halt, however, noticed him. Deparnieux challenged Horace to a duel. He was about to hit Horace with his gauntlet when Halt shot an arrow, nailing the gauntlet to a beam. Halt saves Horace by telling Deparnieux about Horace's wounded left hand. Disgruntled, Deparnieux leaves the tavern.

The next day, Halt and Horace leave the village. Deparnieux extorts the inkeeper to find where they went. Later in the day, Halt and Horace encountered a night in rusted, patched armor. It turns out to be Deparnieux, and many men spring out of the woods. Deparnieux takes them to Chateau Montsombre, his castle. Thinking that Halt is a sorcerer, he makes many situations at the dinners to try and assess Halt's powers, which include falsely accusing a cook of making cold soup and locking her up, but Halt sits back and does nothing.

One day, Horace begins to challenge Deparnieux to a duel, but Halt finishes it.

The duel takes place. Deparnieux comes fully armored and mounted, while Halt just wears his ranger cloak and uses his bow. Before the duel, Horace sees Halt put larger, heavier arrows in his boots. Deparnieux charges, but Halt easily moves out of the way. Halt shoots some regular arrows at Deparnieux, who easily blocks them with his shield. Then, finally, Halt uses one of his heavier arrows. Deparnieux lifts his shield infront of his face, but the heavier arrow curves down earlier than the regular ones, hitting Deparnieux in the chest, killing him.

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The Icebound Land